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You are GOD.Yes you have heard it right .You have never been separated from GOD.

We are always in thinking mode .Clouds of thoughts wanders around the mind always. When you are sleeping thoughts run inside your mind .

You have the happiness within. To feel it thoughts become the hindrance . We identify ourselves with physical objects around us . We believe in something , then we become unhappy when that belief is shattered.

We are not the objects,we are also not the body , we are also not the emotions . We are beyond all this. A pure consciousness!

In our daily lives ,we work hard to earn our living .In this doing we engage with things and emotions around us and then we identify ourselves with them.

We need to disidentify ourselves with everything and then what is left is you .That is empty space .That is GOD.This state is called Turiya ,the fourth state.Other three states are waking ,sleeping and dreaming .In all these states we are in thought mode .In Turiya state there are no thoughts.

How to attain this state ,THE TURIYA STATE. The only way is to be watchful of your thoughts .Don’t suppress the thoughts .Don’t Force to stop the thoughts because this will certainly be hindrance in attaining the state .

Once upon a time , a man went to monk and said that I want to be enlightened and thoughtless .The monk said ok ,do one thing,go and don’t think of monkey for 1 day .He went and tried to not think of monkey but what happened with him is that he could not sleep instead he kept on thinking of only monkeys during whole night.He went to monk and said I coudn’t do that .Monk said ,our mind works like this .If you force your mind to not think then it will think more .

So what should be done .The only thing you can do is to be watchful and as you do practice of being watchfull of your thoughts ; you will that see thoughts disappears and lesser and lesser thoughts comes into your mind .With more practice one can attain the Turiya state .



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Arpan Gupta

Arpan Gupta

Data Scientist /Physicist /Spiritualist